Cake vs Cupcakes



My ideal wedding cake would be a three tiers simple while lacy chocolate cake where it melts in the mouth.God I’m salivating. Initially I wanted a cupcake at least 5 tiers to make it high but after looking at all these gorgeous wedding cakes I suddenly changed my mind. Doesn’t matter cos it’s not too late =) If people know me well enough, they’ll know that I’m a simple girl who like simple design. Hassle free.Asalkan sedap mata memandang. I was on Pinterest and that’s when I had a changed of heart. I did my research and stumbled upon Indulge Patisserie (halal of course) site that offer great wedding cakes design but the pricing is quite steep and from there I can start to gauge the amount I willing to fork out for my 3 tiers wedding cake. Here are some ideas I managed to get online. So pretty that I can’t bear to eat it. =(



Don’t like the black ribbons.Black themed wedding is a no-no for me.I go for pastel calm colours =)






This is nice.Simple.But I wouldn’t want the rose even though I love them. Menyemak. This would be perfect is that’s a lacy pattern around the cake.All three tiers.

Teal Seashell Wedding Cake

Sea  themed cake.Too bad I ain’t holding my wedding by the beach.Not anywhere near the beach too.

Pink Bow Wedding Cake

This is cute.I wouldn’t mind but would F mind? Hahaha!!



Cupcakes for the wedding? yay nay?

Whatever it is cost play an important factor of whether I choose the cake or cupcakes.I will continue my hunt for more gorgeous wedding cakes/cupcakes.Of course with the help of my garang wedding!


The Big Day

Yes! We have chosen an appropriate day and date for our wedding.(Ok lah I was the one that sets it but he agreed taking account it’s Sunday and it’s our anniversary date.)Why shouldn’t he agree right?Since, I’m a very practical person who plans ahead…hehe

Now the problem is putting up the countdown timer on this page.To be honest I become obsolete with the latest layout for WordPress since I’m an avid user or Blog spot.

Next update would be the venues.I would list down a few venues where we can hold our wedding and make the necessary calls to the respective venues to inquiry about their wedding package.Teehee… 

Choosing a Ring

I have yet to ask him the best date.I don’t want to do it on the phone or SMSes because I want a face-to-face confirmation. I wanted both of us to be comfortable when picking the date for the Big Day.

Ok so last month, we went to survey the wedding bands.Initially I wanted the wedding band only without any diamond ring. But I change my mind.Hehe. When I put on that bling bling I felt complete.Haha!So now I decided to get two rings.Diamond and a simple wedding band.So our adventure begin at ION Orchard;the Jewellry Store. Friends told me that this stretch of shops carries expensive rings but it wouldn’t hurt to survey and poking our nose around. The first shop we went in was Taka Jewellry. I don’t like the layout of the shop as the lights are way too bright not romantic enough. The salesman was knowledgeable and answers our queries.I tried different types of rings with various carats and MFS said .4 carat suit me better.True but .4 is too expensive for me and I don’t want to blow our budget. Oh and one more thing you should know about Taka Jewellry is that they have an in house diamond rings which doesn’t come with a certificate which I find it useless heh. So if you were to buy the exported rings you’re guranteed a cert which is important.

So we con’t our conquest.Next is Love & Co. I extremely adore their layout with dim lights and nice ambience. The salesperson was very friendly and she answered our queries and other infomation like the sizing, the demand for diamonds and how long we should purchase our ring to ensure we can get it on time before the Big Day. They specialises in wedding band and one set of wedding band caught our eyes.YES BOTH MFS and me. But unfortunately it’s pure gold but coated with silver which I was unsure whether MFS can wear since it’s pure gold cos religion wise it is prohibited for Muslim men to wear gold. Their pricing are very steep and we are obviously paying for the shop name instead of the ring itself.Taka prices are affordable with its .4 carat ring though.

Next month we going to con’t our conquest this time to Meyson at Bugis Junction. My colleague told me that their diamond rings design are way cooler so I’m gonna take a look.Keep out for the updated reviews.

Setting A Date

I have a date in mind.

14 February 2015 or 24 May 2015?

If I choose 14 Feb then Valentine’s Day will always be our wedding anniversary not like I really care or celebrate Valentine’s Day but because it can easily be remembered. And with such significant day it should be remembered by hook or by crook. Another date which is 24 May is our initial anniversary when we got together 2 years ago. A very significant date since we started out on this date. Before deciding, I got to check with MFS on which date we are comfortable. Both are on weekends so it shouldn’t be a problem =) Once I’d get the green light from MFS I’l put out a countdown widget on the main page…Hehehe.So sexcited!

So I’ve been asking around about Desa Kartika and I received mixed reviews. Initially, I’ve already set my heart and mind to make that place our wedding venue both solemnization and reception but these reviews really scares me. And I’m still waiting for my ‘wedding planner’ that garang Fiza to surprise me with my black wedding book so I can store all the details and things needed before the big day.Currently, I’ve been writing all the info and contact lists everywhere from my phones to my note pad and not forgetting bits and pieces I put up at my workstation. I really really badly need that black book.It’ll come in handy I swear.

Oh and I found a very good and reliable websites that make various recommendations regarding the Big Day and I am so inspired by it hence the birth of this special blog.

PS: I’ll show it to MFS nearing to the date or after we complete the solemnization process. InsyaAllah.